Blog Party: HerSpeak Equinox Shindig!

Hello Chickadees! Welcome to the HerSpeak Equinox Shindig! The shift of seasons is so invigorating--new smells, little discoveries, unusual and exciting energy. There is comfort in honoring the rhythm. Fall happens to be my favorite: bright days, long nights, the scent of leaves smoldering and new saturated colors always strike me: stunning...and spooky. Let's get to the party!

First up, a video vignette altar to welcome autumn!

Next, these adorable and delectable mini pumpkin pies! Fall food is my favorite: roasted, slow cooked, baked and broiled. So much love from the oven! I'll be making mine this evening. :)

Part of the fun of fall is sinking into a new pattern and enjoying the natural changes. This soothing Nature Attunement Meditation from Meditation Oasis lets you get down into the dirt and enjoy the qualities of nature when woods and shores are unavailable. It's one of my personal favorites. Listen, you'll like it. :)

Feast your eyes on a breathtaking collection of curious fall inspired photographs via That Unreliable Girl! The whole collection is haunting and beautiful-- The didgeridoo is my favorite!

How are you celebrating the shift, my pretties?


amy said...

i'm still celebrating my spawn being back in school.
thank god for summer's end.

Shell said...

Happy Autumn Equinox. I haven't even got my altar all set up for it. Will do so tomorrow.

Love all the cool things you have on your post to get in the mood for Autumn.

weird amiga said...

Merry Equinox!
The beauty of the Fall is beyond words, I find myself overwhelmed by it, constantly.
I'll make sure to send the Sun on its way, stay out under the stars, and kindle the fire of the turning season in those around me...

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

On the other side of the planet, airing the house for spring. :)


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