Hecate: Rediscover Your Dark Goddess

Hello Moonbeams! With a fresh seasonal shift and the new moon in the sky, now is the perfect time to talk about Hecate: the goddess of witchcraft, ghosts, death and the dark moon. (Totally Metal!) But as you will see, this goddess is not all doom and gloom. Here are HerSpeak's Top 5 Tips for getting in touch with your inner Hecate!

Seek Solitude. Hecate is unafraid of places where no one goes. Give yourself some much deserved alone time--even if it's as short and sweet as a long shower or a walk around the block.

Be The Storm. As a goddess with powers over land and sea, she was the patron goddess of sailors. Hecate teaches us not to weather the storm, but to Be The Storm. You are a force to be reckoned with--Shape your world!

Trust Your Intuition. As a triple goddess with her torch held high, Hecate can see in all directions--particularly forward. And with the spookiest of seasons quickly approaching, now is the perfect time and explore divination techniques like tarot, runes or scrying.

Release the Past. Hecate helps us shed the past and move into the present. Use the new moon to cleanse yourself and your spaces of clutter and junk-energy that no longer serves you! There are a myriad of ways to cleanse ranging from bells, to sage smudging, from salt to sacred showers. Find a way to either physically or symbolically free yourself! For step by step instructions to get you started, check out this smudging how-to:

And finally, Don't Be Afraid of The Dark. We've been trained to believe that dark is evil, wicked and to be avoided. Acknowledging your dark side does not mean becoming a super villian--embracing your dark side means recognizing the shadow parts of yourself and your world, giving you insight as to how to accept, challenge and heal. All things: seeds, heroines, stars, the bad and the Beautiful, begin in the dark.

Wishing you all a merry New Moon! How do you embrace your inner Hecate?

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Suzie Ridler said...

Oh Hecate, how powerful she is! Yes, you can feel the darkness creeping up on us each day now, can't you? I spend a lot of time alone and love it for the most part. I will meditate on who my dark Goddess is inside. Thanks for this inspiring post!


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