Full Moon Party Post!

Hello Kittens! Merry Full Moon! Today we're having a Moon Party at Herspeak: a round up of goodies to help you celebrate the cycle. The last month has been pretty intense here at headquarters--projects being born, challenges being met, new jobs, new friends, new concerns. With Luna being her joyful self jellyfishing through the sky and a new season slipping into place, it feels like the perfect time for a little celestial inspired cyber soiree--Let's get to it!

A tangerine moon film

Beautiful Full Moon wallpaper

An awesome Full Moon Lavender Oil Tutorial!

An Amazing Mandala

A Full Moon Meditation

A Venetian Moon Goddess

Moon Goddess Goodies

Breathtaking Lunar Time Lapse

How will you be honoring the full moon? :)

(Image from psychiccupcake.tumblr.com)


Boho mom said...

hey girl! Got my moon boots on and worshipping her over at my blog too!
Party on.....

Shell said...

Happy Full Moon, my friend. A chock full of Moon goodies post you have, love it.
I had my altar all in shades of blue for the Pisces Full Moon with a lovely blue candle burning. Also woke up around four, when the Moon is right outside my window. Sat there with my cat, just breathing in all that moon goodness.

weird amiga said...

Aw, I missed the party!
Although you could say I've been having my own celebration: woke up at 4am —it was at her peak in the small hours of the morning— and spied at Luna through my telescope...


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