F*ck It Up: Top 3 Tips for Makers

Hello Puddings! Today we're talking about guidelines for Makers of All Kinds. Here are my Top 3 Tips for making the Most of your Making Stuff!

[1] Let IT Find You

Inspiration presents itself to us in infinite ways--be open to them. For example, if you are a painter allow yourself to be taken away and intoxicated by other sources outside of museums: music, travel, food, nature, people watching, magazines, fashion, literature, and new places. If you are feeling flat and creatively starved, it's time to step out and be a sponge!

[2] Make The Shift

We've all been there: frustrated with furrowed brows and spewing dirty words at a project that we've been slaving over and is going nowhere. If something is stuck--try something new. Step away from it, start something else. Treat yourself to finishing or picking up a project that's been on the back burner so long it's beginning to crispify. Revive it. You'll be revitalized too. Needing time away from a project is not a failure--it's a tool to help you complete it.

[3] Don't Be Afraid to F*ck It Up

Sometimes project become too precious. When something becomes too sacred we're afraid to take risks which stunts our growth as Creative Wunderkind. Don't be afraid to really fuck something up. "Do I submit my writing?" "Do I add the rhinestones?" "Do I throw in the Cayenne Pepper?" If you don't give it a shot--not only will you never know--you'll never feel finished. Don't be Intimidated by your own work. Chances are doors: walk through them.

What devices do You use? Discuss!


Jaime Haney aka ArtsyFartsy.Me said...

This is a great and inspiring post! Thanks for the reminders :)

amy said...

hey molly,
let me know about the guest post - i can find someone else if you need me to.
did you get my mail?


Genie Sea said...

Hi Molly!!! Oh how I missed you! Thank you for the awesome tips and reminders! Luscious! :)


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