Burn Out: Shift For Survival

Hello Mermaids: Today I feel much like Mr. Match. Burnt out, fizzled up, scorched and surly. Mostly bitter and brittle. Why do you feel like Mr. Match, you ask?

Because I've allowed myself to be put in a position
that surrenders all of my personal power.

I recently started a new job and in an effort to prove myself as a stand up employee have in fact established myself as the Office Doormat. BACK FIRE. I live behind the desk: doing work for two people, 7 days a week while being treated like a ghost--a ghost who graduated cum laude and makes minimum wage: Expected to be everywhere for everyone all while being unseen.

This aggression shall not stand.

Normally I don't use this space as a forum for personal kvetching or pity parties: but I know this is an extraordinarily tough time for a lot of you and I wanted you to know:

I feel you.

So what do we do, my Match Commrades? Tomorrow Mr. Manager Boss Man is going to hear Ghost Girl. Burn Out is a temporary state if we choose it to be. I'm choosing control. I'm choosing Joy. I'm choosing Courage...even though it's hard...

So while I step up to the office door tomorrow I'll be pulling for you too--Be Bold, dears. Ask for what you need. Let's make a shift together, a shift for a joyful Survival. Solidarity! Best of Luck.


Paula - Buenos Aires said...

I wrote to my girl´s school Headmistress today asking for an audience (I use very proper and big words when I´m about to make my point ;) ).
With you all the way. Go Molly!

Shell said...

That's right, Molly. We have to take our power back and stand up. I hope you let your Mr. Manager Boss Man have it big time.

Boho mom said...

I am so pulling for you girl!! How brave of you to stand up for yourself!
Why do we always over-extend ourselves to new jobs?? Like superwoman or something!!
Good Luck - cheering you on so you can do the work of ONE WOMAN and can be APPRECIATED IN THE WORK FORCE!!


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