Broad Strokes: Lady Artists to Peep: Volume 3

Hello Kittens and welcome to another edition of Broad Strokes: a digital gallery dedicated to celebrating female artists both past and present. This week we've got sumptuous oil paintings, dreamy illustrations and punchy politically fueled collage. Let's get to the gallery!

Jen Corace
Media: Illustrator
Status: Alive

Janet Hill

Media: Painter
Status: Alive

Barbara Kruger
Media: Collage
Status: Alive

Who has been inspiring you?

1 comment:

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Such different views on the femenine spirit, the maybe sad but very proper one,the feisty one (Envy her figure) and the warrior (who is also troubled).
We are all that and more. :)
Thanks for the "mad-scientist-experimental energy" comment. It´s been my favourite in a very long time and going straight into my Feel the lurve file.


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