Book Love: Cullinary Trickery

Hello Gumdrops! As most of you know, I love to entertain and try to do it as frequently as possible. I enjoy everything about it: spiffing up the apartment to be our own personal party fort, picking out records to provide the perfect soundtrack, arranging my bar as if it were an altar, coming up with something clever to cook...kind of...

I've burnt cereal.

So you can imagine my glee after finding Cullinary Trickery. Rita Konig's book is one of my contemporary entertaining bibles: it's sassy, it's shameless and surprisingly useful. (I'm a bit leary of hot-pink-chic-lit-Martha-Stewart-Living-Sex-in-The-City-Slop.)

It's full of great corner-cutting ideas for those who have no culinary inclination, but want their guests to feel loved and full. Her theory is do what works, what feels good, what looks nice, and what costs less. Some critics didn't care for the book because it was brash, borderline rude and cheaterly--

That's what I liked most about it. :)

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Suzie Ridler said...

What a super-cool idea for a cookbook! Whatever works to make life taste good sounds great to me.


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