Vlog: How To Be a Total Miss Bossy Mittens

Hello Motorbabies! I've got a new How To Vlog for you fresh off the line, "How To Be a Total Miss Bossy Mittens and Get Whatever You Want". This short clip has got a couple of tips from my own personal bossy mittens experience: confessions of an over achiever that have helped me take care of business. Enjoy!

What do you do to Get It Done?


amy said...

it's important to be pretty.

do you think the ugly girls are comfortable being miss bossy mittens?


p.s. i straight up need some mittens.
except that it's like.
103 here today.

Rachael Caringella said...

Oh my goodness! I love this video. Confidence is important...
ps.. I LOVE love love your artwork! Amazing!

Dream With the Fishes said...

MAAM, YES MAAM! No seriously, this is some AWESOME good stuff! I mean, true gems of wisdom. And just the kind of thing I needed to hear. I so admire you for all the creative goodness you turn out AND for the fact that you're all about sharing and bringing us up with you. You are a creative goddess and you just ROCK!!! Big Love to you, my friend.

Dream With the Fishes said...

I hope it's ok, I reposted this video on my blog. It's just such helpful advice I think many would benefit from.

Zura said...

Just found you from Dream With the Fishes. So glad she shared your awesome vid. You inspire me and I need inspiring!

Shell said...

A great video. So true especially on number #2. If we don't believe in our own dreams, how the heck can get things rolling.


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