SoulLodge: Lady Fox

Hello Chickadee's! I'm a few weeks into Pixie Campbell's amazing E-Course, SoulLodge and loving every spirit soaked minute of it. She has been leading us through working with totem animals, integrating shamanic practices into our existing spiritual paths and providing a beautiful sacred space for all of us to find our Wise Woman.

This week I chose to record my meditation experiences in my art journal: I crawled to Underworld through a willow tree I loved as a girl, to the birch forest I dream about. That's where I go to meet Lady Fox.

Where are your dreams taking you? What have you been feeding Spirit with?


Barbara/myth maker said...

Nice you met Lady Fox. Sounds like a wonderful course you're doing.

Dream With the Fishes said...

I am loving Lady Fox!! That e-course sounds amazing and just the kind of thing my spirit is yearning for. Willow trees are my favorites.

I have been feeding my spirit with regular creative playtime each week and now my dreams have been featuring a baby almost every night. Since it surely isn't literal, it must be a sign of creative renewal. Yay!


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