MINX MIX TAPE: Volume #12

Welcome to Minx Mix Tape--an all-girl digital dance party celebrating women making kick ass tunes for the masses. This week's tape has three tunes that'll make you want to burn your city down. Let's do it!

First up, is the down and dirty rock bomb, Nico Vega. What I enjoy most about this singer is the texture of her voice: it's distinctly feminine but quickly veers down a raspy roller coaster punctuated with shouts an claps. This video is insane...not for the squeemish!

Next up is the horror punk outfit, Schoolyard Heroes. Admittedly, upon first listening I didn't care for this band. But after spending more time with the music, I began to appreciate the grating quality of the vocals for their energy. It's a great mash up of punk, metal and all things doom and gloom--Bring on the zombies!

And finally we have the high-powered- garage inspired trio, The Ettes. These guys have been busy: touring with the Black Keys, Kings of Leon and The Dead Weather. Lead singer, Lindsay "Coco" Hames' side project, Parting Gifts will be releasing a record this September. Check it out!

Thanks for joining the party! Got a favorite tune from the mix? Have a song you want to see on the tape? Leave a link in the comments. Happy Listening!

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