MINX MIX TAPE: Volume #11 Jazz Edition Pt. 1

Hello Muffins! Welcome to Minx Mix Tape: an all girl digital dance party dedicated to women making amazing music. Usually, the tape is fairly rock-centric. But this week I wanted to share one of my OTHER passions with you: Jazz vocal. I have so many favorites that I'm splitting this tape up into several parts. Let's get to the tunes!

To kick off, we'll start with Peggy Lee singing her own clever lyrics to an Duke Ellington tune. He once said, "If I'm the king man, Peggy Lee is the queen." Peggy Lee turned me onto jazz in the 7th grade when my mom brought home her records from the library. If velvet could speak, this is the sound it would make.

Next, we've got Esperanza Spalding: the insanely talented jazz starlet and center of the Grammy Beiber "Scandal". This lady oozes talent, truly a gem. Here she is destroying the White House with her skills.

And to finish this week's tape is the legendary Nina Simone. She knows what my blues sound like: this woman didn't sing soul, she IS Soul. Here she is performing one of my all time favorite songs, Feeling Good.

So many more incredible singers to talk about! Stay tuned for the next volume of Minx Mix Tape: Jazz Edition!


collectingyourself said...

Love your Minx Mix Tape! Put a smile on my face, a beat in the sole of my foot, and a trickle of warmth in my heart! Will be adding these three wise womyn to own list of musical loves. Thanks!

Shell said...

Love all your choices!! When I found out I was pregnant, Feeling Good by Nina became my official theme song.


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