Gypsy Chronicles: Louisville KY

Hello Sweettarts! When it comes to kick-starting your creative juices, there is nothing like travel: new food, new buildings, new art, new people to bother. Roadtrips and train rides are where my brains do their best cooking--it brings out the gypsy in me. This last week, the Muffin and I set out to see what there was to see with a pack of smokes, a box of glazed doughnuts and a borrowed car. Here are a few peeps of our adventure!

[1] downtown Louisville [2] Cherokee park [3] nighttime wanderings [4] Cave Hill cemetery [5] supplies [6] swan at Cave Hill cemetery [7] King Louis

Where have your wanderings taken you this summer?


Chelsea said...

<3 the pic of you in the tree!!!

Barbara/myth maker said...

These are good photos. Love that fountain from the statues fingertips. Smart shot of the donute box as part of the series.

Angela Lee said...

Such great shots!Love how your energy & the tree meet- wild magical! :)


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