Broad Strokes: Lady Artists to Peep: Volume 2

Hello Kittens! Welcome to Broad Strokes: an ongoing online collection celebrating the contributions of Lady Artists past and present. This week's round up is full of swords, nuclear butterflies and meat dresses--Let's get to the gallery!

Camille Rose Garcia
Media: Painter
Status: Alive and Kicking

Artemisia Gentileschi
Media: Painter
Status: Long Dead

Cindy Sherman
Media: Photographer, Film Maker
Status: Alive and Kicking

Maren Esdar
Media: Illustrator, Fashion Designer
Status: Alive and Kicking

Do you have a favorite in the round up? Have an artist you'd like to see featured? Leave a note in the comments!

1 comment:

fivefifthsdead said...

more of my faves. seriously, we might be the same person.

a few christmases ago, i was fortunate enough to (with a bit of help from my aunt) scrape together enough cash to buy my ex a three-part print series of camille rose garcia's...limited, hand-numbered and hand-glittered. besides my darling cat, it was one of the things i was most bummed about being parted from after the break-up.

also: i will go on record saying that my favorite judith/holofernes painting is caravaggio's. gentileschi's Susanna and the Elders effing KILLS it though...it's the only version i've seen that doesn't put susanna "on display"...the men's gazes are clearly unwanted, something pretty revolutionary for artworks of the time.

oooh, why do i live in racine? i'm craving some art talks with you rightthissecond!

love you, chica.
xo, danger

p.s. next time i'd love to see some barbara kruger! and hannah hoch! and carolee schneemann!


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