Book Review: How To Climb Mt. Blanc In a Skirt

Hello Cherubs! I'm having a riot gobbling up all sorts of good summer reading and I HAD to show you this book: How To Climb Mt. Blanc In A Skirt: A Handbook for The Lady Adventurer. It's entertaining, informative, well illustrated and most importantly...it's pink. The author takes you up mountains, through jungles and into harems, relaying the incredible excursions of female explorers that history forgot. Between epic tales of camel caravans, the pages are sprinkled with useful information about how to properly prepare hyena stakes and optimal weapon choices for the desert. I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for fabulously funny and nerdy read.

This book is inspiring--I've decided I'm going to wear bloomers and carry a loaded colt 45 on my road trip. What are you reading, my pretties?


Suzie Ridler said...

Wow, LOVE it! This book was written for me too. Going to see if I can get it out of the old library. Thanks for the referral!!!

amy said...

yeah, i might check that out, except that i'm unlikely to be found in nature, so i'm not sure how useful it will be to me. i'm reading anam cara and a nasty true crime book with a sprinkling of the unicorn club (god, i hate that bitch kimberly).
i straight up tried to read women who run with wolves, but i ended up feeling all smug and pretty and didn't read it at all.


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