Book Love: Nightshade Gothic Tales by Women

Hello Starlings! While purusing my bookshelf I was thrilled to rediscover this excellent collection of all things eerie: Nightshade: Gothic Tales by Women. In this compilation of seventeen strange stories, the authors take you through the dark and bizzare with romantic tales of the supernatural to the cobwebbed corridors of Hitchcock.

One of my favorite stories describes a woman's night as a hound of Hecate, cleaning up the streets in a way she never could as a cop. (Ouch!) Turn the page and you're whisked away a moss-draped New Orleans cemetery, and then onto a seedy bar drinking martinis with a glass-eyed lady.

If you are seeking peculiar fall reading full of bites, frights and bumps in the night, I highly recommend Nightshade!

Do you have any spooky reads stockpiled for fall?


Yvonne said...

This book sounds great! Thanks for sharing!

Shell said...

sounds like my kind of book.


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