Women's Circles: A How To Video!

Hello Pumpkins! Today we're talking Womens Circles. I remember a time when Womens Circles seemed like a girl-scout-goddess-dream that I could never achieve--circles were for wise women, or women who lived on beaches. LAMESAUCE! Circles are achievable.

Circles are healing. Circles are Empowering.

When I decided to begin my circle, I was surprised by the lack of actual information available. There was a lot of really beautiful vague fluffy talk about the bliss surrounding circles, but I wanted to see bullet points. I wanted instructions. So, in an effort to spare you time and frustration I made this short video tool kit to get your circle kick started!

Here are a few sites and titles to get you started, Kittens!

Casting The Circle: A Women's Book of Ritual: This book is great: it's practical, well organized and full of how-to information for beginners. I refer to this book constantly.

The Millionth Circle: This is an immensely helpful book that describes the functions of womens circles, offers trouble shooting solutions and reads like poetry.

The Goddess Circle: If you haven't met Goddess Leonie, you should. Her site is full of amazing goddess goodies and offers a digital womens circle. She's got workbooks, videos and an astounding sparkling pile of resources. Check it out!


Shell said...

Good stuff, Molly.

Boho mom said...

Go Molly!! I wish we lived closer, I would SO DO A WOMEN'S CIRCLE WITH YOU!!!
That said this is a great and fabulous post and has me thinking about who I can round up for my own circle.
Yay!!!....missed ya!


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