Video Zen: Clear Lake

Hello Starlings! This past weekend I spent a few wonderfully rejuvenating days at one of my favorite places on earth: The Cabin. The green water, the dirt smell, the loon songs--all exactly what my bones wanted. Here's a tidbit of video zen taken from the boat:

Where do you go to hide out and heal?


Shell said...

There is a grove near my house I like to go, to be with my trees. It always rejuvenates me. I go in all seasons.

Dream With the Fishes said...

Oh boo, I can't see the video. Says "This video is private." Shucks. I will give it a try at another time. However, just from reading your words, I'm already envisioning the soul soothingness of it all. MMMmmmmmm but I love dirt smell! And the sound of loons - sigh, just wonderful. I sorely need some time away in a place like that. I go to my local community garden to get away and relax. Even tho it's located in the thick of things, somehow, it's sheltered from all the busyness around it and serves as a lovely little oasis. And I found me a couple of more neighborhood sanctuaries yesterday, on my "Artist's Date," to which I will now be running away to from time to time. Blessings to you, dear lovely friend! xo


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