MINX MIX TAPE: Volume #10

Hello My Pretty Little Ponies! Welcome to another edition of Minx Mix Tape: an all girl digital dance party! This week we've got a little bitta old, a little bitta new and a lotta bit of awesome. :) Let's get to the tape!

First up is a little art rock from Pretty Girls Make Graves! This was the first "girl band" I ever saw, and it changed my life! They performed at The Globe, a beautifully smokey stage in Milwaukee and it was THEN I decided I was going to start a band. Though the group has disbanded, each one of the members has new projects rolling, which I highly recommend you check out.

I can't even describe the influential punk rock tsunami that was Bikini Kill. These girls are credited with fronting the Riot Grrrl movement of the 90's which changed the face of rock music for women FOREVER. The band was vital--critical to music history. However, because of their resistance to major media coverage, most of their videos are hand-held live recordings which make the lyrics indiscernible. SO, here is a video of their anthemic track, Rebel Girl spliced in with cuts from Kill Bill. Swords, Fire, Bikini Kill, lets do this.

To wrap up, we have a noise pop track from the Brooklyn duo, Sleigh Bells. This record will karate chop you in half--it's cooler than you, it's crunchy, it's loud, and there's a tower of flaming guitars. Hit it!

Thanks for joining the party! Got a song you want to add to the tape? Leave a link in the comments!

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