Headdress Diary: 50 Feathers, a Guitar Strap and a Mission

Hello Gumdrops! I must confess: I am obsessed with headdresses. I love to look at them, I love to paint them and decided it was time to finally make one. I wanted something bold, something you could see from the moon, something that made me feel like a bad ass. Here's the evidence of my first attempt:

I began with about 50 neon feathers, a guitar strap and bits of maribou trim. Each feather needed to be wrapped in felt so it could be attached to the larger armature. The fluff from maribou is worse than glitter--it sticks to EVERYTHING including the inside of your nose.
After the initial structure was built, I decided it needed a symmetrical element and started on these felt medallion embellishments. I had a lot of fun letting the project progress organically...which really means I didn't have a plan. :)

My craft law is that thou shalt always use pony beads. All of the ribbon fringe was attacked with plastic beads and embroidery thread.

Here, after several hours and many glue-gun burns later, is the finished project: understated and sweet. The Height of fashion. Every girl should own one. :)

I can't WAIT to start on the next one! Tell me about your latest project! What have you been up to?


Shell said...

I'm loving the headdress you made!!

Suzie Ridler said...

You continue to be the coolest woman I know! Love the headdress, looks fabulous!

Bettieboo999 said...



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