Grrrl Camp Recap!

Hello Cherubs! This weekend my womens circle tore it UP at Grrrl Camp: a paint spattered punk rock island for lost girls! It was what we wished girl scout camp had been like, complete with opening ceremony, raunchy camp songs and Southern Comfort. Guests sported their best camp attire and rough-housed till the sun went down! Here's a recap of the festivities:

Camp Counselor: Yours Truly.

Your Co Counselor: Skallywag (aka Mom) serious trouble maker,
belly dancer extraordinaire and destroyer of beers. As you
can see, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

We had a kick ass craft table fully stocked with googly eyes.
The McGyver Craft Challenge was brutal! Many good
pipe cleaners were lost. Camp is NOT for the faint of heart...

After a wicked water balloon fight, intense tug-o-war competition
and recovering from Red Rover--we broke out the war paint.
Here's Anna showing off her sweet sleeve.

After an entire day of shenanigans we needed SERIOUS refreshments:
Cue the brews and smart dogs. These ladies brought a MOUNTAIN of
food. Lost Girls never go hungry. :)

And to close, an awesome drum circle! We shook it till our scout sashes fell off. We had a blast watching the fire-fly firework display flickering in the woods while we stumbled through songs we thought we'd all forgotten.

We went to bed sunburned, reeking of bug spray, with new friends and bruises. It's good to be a grrrl.


Shell said...

What an awesome big camp weekend. I would have loved to have been there.

LegalGoddess said...

Can't wait til next year!!!

Donna Vera said...

Definitely needs to be an annual event. Thanks for organizing it!

Dream With the Fishes said...

Oh my GOD, this looks like serious FUNNNNNNN!!! LOVE those photos. you've got weapons, even!! Ha! You're mom's the coolest.


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