Cotton Pony Rodeo: Reclaiming The Rag!

Hello Sweet tarts! I'm fresh off of tearing through the Red Tent--and it got me thinking: When did woman's natural cycles become a disease? Why did we stop celebrating and allow ourselves to believe that every 28 days we suffer from some unspeakable sickness that needs to be stuffed up?

Television and magazines assure us that during our menses we are unbearably hideous monsters: fat, bloated, bleeding about town, ripping off the faces of wide eyed innocents between gobbling Haagen daz and a myriad of pink pills meant to tame our savage nature. We're trained to dread it, to fear it, to be dead to the world while we treat ourselves like alien host bodies.

Do you find it interesting that we pay money to see movies with buckets of bullet induced blood, but for some strange reason a woman's blood is treated like cyanide?

If men menstruated, I guarantee
would brag to one another
about how
heavy their flow is
and tout their
need of a mammoth tampon.

Let's take our sacred time back: Let's reclaim the intense, natural, healthy, ancient cycle. Here are a couple of ideas to make your Moon Time beautiful!

[1] Bake a Red Velvet Cake! It's your time, celebrate it. You can make it from scratch, or be lazy like me and buy it from a box. I like to make cupcakes. :)

[2] Connect! For generations women used their period as a time to regroup and bond with other women. While you're on the rag make a date to call up relatives and girlfriends that matter to you. Be part of their lives and reconnect!

[3] Make your own rag! Contrary to popular belief your blood is not poisonous. It's the same blood that wells up with you cut your finger! Time to get crafty and customize! These pads are easy to make, reusable and comfortable to wear.

Brag About it. Wear ruby lipstick, paint your nails crimson, or a sport a special scarlet accessory that makes you feel like the goddess you are. Wear it as war paint. Wear it to celebrate!

[5] Countdown! Grab a moon calendar or get special stickers to mark the date in your schedule. It's like counting down to a holiday--but it's YOUR day. :)

What will you do to make your Moon Time magical again? Do you, or did you have any special personal rituals? Share share share! Be loud. Be proud. Be bold! Be Beautiful, my pretties!


Chelsea said...

Thanks for posting the moon calendar link doll! I've been looking for a good one for some time now but couldn't find one I liked! The one you posed is nice because not only does it have the image but also a percent which could be tracked month to month more easily!

AWESOME post!!!! I hope women take your advice!

Shell said...

Great post, Molly. For many years, I started calling my period: My moon time. Which made me feel more connected to that time of the month.
My tips are to wear red like you said. Also yellow and orange which are powerful and bright colors.

Be aware you are more intuitive at this time. Write down any intuitive feelings you get.

On the first night of your moon time, say a prayer for being able to have your monthly flow. Take a special bath with your favorite oils or bath gels.

Moonflwr said...

Did you know that women in close contact cycle together? Amazing and powerful time! Just remember everything cycles around, I am in my crone cycle, and waiting for the wisdom to hit me! LOL.

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Always love to read what new greeting you come up with.
I had noticed what Moonflwr says. Now I´m all over the place, may be I belong to too many groups.

Oh, my verification word is wishess ! Cool.


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