Broad Strokes: Lady Artists To Peep

Hello Rosehips* Do you have a favorite female artist? I remember having a discussion in art school: we each had to go around the room and name our favorite female artist. One after another each student said, "Georgia O'Keefe, Frida Kahlo, Georgia O'Keefe, Georgia O'Keefe, Frida, Frida, Frida..."

I squirmed a bit, getting anxious about my turn: "Really? Am I a bad person because I don't care about vag flowers??"

It occurred to me that these aren't favorite artists--they just happen to be the only female artists these kids were aware of! With that, I'd like to introduce a new segment, Broad Strokes: Celebrating lady artists both past and present. Let's get to the gallery!

Diane Arbus
Media: Photography
Status: Deceased

Kiki Smith
Media: Sculpture
Status: Alive and Kicking

Kara Walker
Media: Collage
Status: Alive and Kicking

Amy Sol
Medium: Painter
Status: Alive and Kicking

Do you have a favorite from this round up? Do you have a lady artist you'd like to add to the gallery? Leave a link in the comments?


Marcia said...

Shinique Smith is my favorite female artist.. http://shiniquesmith.com/?p=475

Sandy Skoglund is another. I had the opportunity to hear her speak at an art convention and get a photo taken with her. http://www.sandyskoglund.com/

Eva Hesse's drawings I enjoy: http://www.evahesse.com/index.php

Judy Pfaff is amazing! http://www.judypfaff.org/

Grandma Moses is a favorite of mine to teach to my elementary classes. Her folksy paintings are charming. I couldn't find a good website about her, but if you are interested, there are some great children's books about her. http://www.benningtonmuseum.org/grandma-moses-and-the-primitive-tradition.html

I can definitely come up with more. let me keep thinking. I think I shall do a post on my blog about my favorite female artists!

Shell said...

I like Kara Walker. My friend and I have been to three of her exhibits here in NYC. They are beautiful and disturbing.
I'm glad you are shouting these artists out, people need to know how many more lady artist there are.

Marcia said...

just noticed you are in Milwaukee. I'm over in Madison!

Marcia said...

Hey, I just made my own post a few of my faves. I linked to your blog on it too. http://marciabeckett.blogspot.com/2011/07/women-artists.html

fivefifthsdead said...

familiar with all of those rad ladies except for amy sol. will check her out, as you basically live in my brain anyway. love you moll-doll!

xo, sarah danger


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