T-Shirt Slaughter Continues: Summer Scarf

Hello Starfish! I've been continuing my t-shirt carnage and just recently finished another Tank Girl inspired accessory. In an effort to push my last t-shirt upcycle project, I began this piece by cutting six different Goodwill shirts into skinny-minny strips to make several yards of yarn. Each shirt made a surprising amount of yarn--I had plenty of left-overs to make other projects...soon to be posted! After the yarn was made I began braiding the strands and wrapped the whole technicolor rope up like an extension chord, tied of the end and VOILA: a totally sweet scarf for summer.

A friend at work asked me how I'd describe my style. I told her, "A mix between mad max and a slumber party from Hell." I'm making more of these to share with my girlfriends. :) I'd love to know what crafty madness you've been making this week!

1 comment:

Dream With the Fishes said...

These t-shirt scarves are so cool! Great upcycle idea!


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