Studded Squids: Upcycle Earrings

Hey Pudding Pops!* It's been craftasmagoria at HerSpeak Headquarters: I'm still slicing up t-shirts and in an effort to use up some of the scraps I made a pair of punk-ass earrings! (I think they look like little squids.) To make them I cut several diamond shapes from the carcass of a pink t-shirt, bedazzled them with metal studs and attached them to an existing pair of broken vintage earrings. Here they are in action:

The fabric curls in wonky directions all on it's own. They weigh nothing and have great movement--perfect funky summer accessories for flea marketing or rock festivals...or some kind of motorbaby lazer tag. :P

1 comment:

Heather Browning said...

I LOVE the squidy earrings!!! You're so crafty!


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