MINX MIX TAPE: Volume #7

Hello Sweet Potatoes! Welcome to another edition of Minx Mix Tape: an all girl digital dance party designed to bring you tasty tunes being made by Uber Talented ladies in the music business. This week we're covering polar ends of the sound spectrum--this could be exciting. Let's get to the Tape!

I received a request from a girlfriend for some death metal to make an appearance on the tape and I am MORE than happy to oblige. Let's kick things off with armor-clad valkyrie rock from Arch Enemy! Polish up your swords and hold on to your pig tails.

Next, we're going to be transported to a cosmic glitter constellation with this sweetly bizzare new wave tune from Marina & The Diamonds. Marina's airy soprano vocals are infectious and playful! Wherever this dance planet is--I wanna live there.

Now, for a British Time Warp Homage with this perfectly spastic punk rock anthem from the Legendary X-Ray Spex. You can see an amazing live performance of this track here. Lead singer, Poly Styrene passed away recently after a battle with breast cancer. Her spirit is still with us in her dense body of provocative and pioneering musical work.

And finally, to satiate your appetite for all things HEAVY METAL we'll end on a scorching track from hardcore veterans, Straight Line Stitch. Alexis' incredible vocals could destroy small villages. WARNING: Your face will be melted off!

Thanks for joining the party! Got a song you want to hear on the tape? Leave a link in the comments!


Suzie Ridler said...

Damn, that was mind blowing! The first band was on the Zen of Screaming which my husband loves. The last video was astounding and my husband and I absolutely fell in heavy screamo love!

Dream With the Fishes said...

The first one was a wee bit too hardcore for moi, but I really enjoyed all the rest! My favorite is Marina, for her voice and the lovely, lovely video. So sad to hear about Poly Styrene's passing. I had never heard of her, or X-Ray Spex, until now, thanks to you. What a great loss. Thanks for putting these mixes together for our listening pleasure!


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