MINX MIX TAPE: Volume #6

Hello Lolipops! Welcome to another edition of Minx Mix Tape--an all girl digital dance party where we celebrate women who are making top notch musical contributions and making no apologies! Let's get to the tape:

To kick off we have a cooky track by Coco Rosie: a duo of highly creative sisters making beautiful creepy music with eloquent and haunting imagery. This is what I wish my dreams sounded like.

Next up is this snarly cut by Jessie J. While admittedly, I'm not a huge consumer of Top 40 Music, I appreciate Jessie's ability to effortlessly chameleon from one track to the next. The appeal is the tongue-in-cheek sentiment, poking fun of they way boys puff up and act like turkeys. :)

Now for one of my favorite bands, The Distillers. The now defunct band was fronted by Brody Dale, a kick ass Aussie who shreds on guitar and smashes up politics, social issues and personal narratives into machine gun songs. Sandpaper never sounded better!

And finally, we get a double dose of Brody! Her latest slick Alt Rock adventure, Spinnerette is a collaborative effort with members of Them Crooked Vultures and Queens of the Stone Age. This is a more refined effort than her previous projects, but still packs a punch!

Thanks for coming to the party! Got a song you want to hear? Post a link in the comments!


Shell said...

As always, I love listening to your musical ladies. Keep it up.

Suzie Ridler said...

Wish I could see these, two were blocked because I am in Canada, stupid bastards! Loved the Distillers in particular, so freakin' cool!


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