Guerilla Garbage Mural: Monk and Col. Mime Make a Mess

Hello Boppers!* Yesterday my partner in Paint Crime, The Monk, and I made a serious mess in an alley behind my building making a trashy flashy rock show back drop! Peep it!

This mattress made a killer easel:

Add ImageDumpster diving for a pallet:

Found a shopping cart that made a perfect tabaret:

Blocking the beast out:

Do it to it!Needs more skulls...Passersby weren't quite sure what was cooking back here...

A stripey boarder finished it off:
Nasty, neon and epically Rock and Roll! I think it will set the tone for our show quite nicely--I'll be sure to post pictures of this bag boy in action. :)

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Dream With the Fishes said...

Woweeeee that's NICE!!! Happy happy solstice to you, too! xo Serena


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