Full Moon Dream Board: Hello,Tiger Heart.

Hello Sunflowers!* The Moon is full and she is looking glorious in her muggy summer dress! I so look forward to this time when we get to share our intentions, struggles, victories and wishes. Personally, this past cycle was tough: I was stuck. There was work to be done and major decisions to be made but it was like dragging a drunk elephant up a busy street. You know the feeling?

Long story simplified short version: Of all the projects I am passionate about and juggling--it felt like no one was on the bandwagon. Everyone talked a lot of excited talk about wanting to participate or exchanged promises and when it came time to walk the walk--they bailed.

I panicked. I can't do this, I'm fucked. It's too big. I need moral support!

And then another thought creeped in: Is it that you can't do it or that you're afraid to do it alone?

I know the answer.

It's show time, Tiger Heart.

This cycle my board is about Courage: digging up the big braveness that already exists in me. Being bold doesn't mean you never fear--it means you don't let the fear win. I wish it for all of you joy warriors out there too. Your tiger heart is already inside you!Merry Full Moon!


Juliette Crane said...

i so love seeing your dream board! such a BEAUTIFUL blog too! funny, i just created my second-ever dream board yesterday. i am really loving the channeling of thoughts and dreams and visually seeing it.

can't wait to stop by again and see more!

best wishes!

Barbara/myth maker said...

Great dream board! You go, Tiger Heart!

Chelsea said...

LOVE IT!!! Just wanted to stop by and wish you a happy lunar eclipse (though being in the US= unable to see it)!


Shell said...

I'm nodding my head with your post. In the past two months, I had to a lot of things I been afraid to do and avoiding. I did it and feel the better for it. Courage is walking with fear and doing it anyway. Happy Honey Moon, Molly.

foxysue said...

Oh, I know just what you mean, standing alone can be tough, you need to have the fighting courage of a tiger!

Your board oozes courage!

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Reading this makes me want to clap and cheer for you! Go Molly! :)
Tiger heart has a "family air" with the pieces you showed this month, she has been there all along as you said.

Regarding your question about meanings in my board: I like to go back and have a look at old boards (I work in small size and keep them in a folder with dates). Sometimes I see the seed of what happened later. Some months I conciously decide to focus on something and a few times it seems I made a choice without realizing it at the time. Some things shown on my boards came into my life from people who didn´t know what I wanted. (Love those ;) ) That´s why I keep an eye on messages now.

Barbara/myth maker said...

There's an award waiting for you on my blog. Please feel no obligation to accept it.

Sacred Yoli said...

I so can relate to this. Talk about an "ah ha" momento.

Beautiful art journal entry.

collectingyourself said...

Keep up the work you are doing. Your site has wonderful energy. I am sure that is a reflection of your passion. Passion gets noticed! I hope your moonth is full of dreams come true, brave-womyn!

Dream With the Fishes said...

Beautiful dream board! I wish you all the courage you need and thank you for sharing your inspiration with us. Blessings, Tiger Heart!


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