Womanifesto: It's Like Coming Home

Hello sugar skulls!* While cleaning out my desk I came across an important document I wrote to myself several years ago and needed to share it with you:

[Womanifesto: Version 1, as of 3/27/07]
This document briefly outlines my current defense policy of Self Protection. It is intended to clearly state the terms under which I choose to preserve myself and is subject to frequent and considerable revision.

Self Protection is looking up words I don't understand. Self Protection is knowing I am made of stardust and dinosaur skin. Self Protection is actively listening to those I love. Self Protection is not making a face when someone says "vagina". Self Protection is knowing I was once and will be the ocean again.

Self Protection is disregarding everything I learned in High School sex-ed, history and social sciences and educating myself. Self Protection is supporting causes, businesses, projects and publications that promote conscious living. Self Protection is scrutinizing information. Self Protection is writing down my dreams to make use of them later.

Self Protection is accepting responsibility. Self Protection is know that I, all of my limbs and organs are not designed to be entertainment. Self Protection is realizing I am not meant for consumption. Self Protection is learning my history, Herstory. Self Protection is recognizing that rape, money, violent pornography, magazines, popular cinema and Top 40 Radio are effective control mechanisms. Self Protection is traveling with a Pack.

Self Protection is reading between the lines. Self Protection is acknowledging potential dangers. Self Protection is understanding that sexual expression is not synonymous with sex.

Self Protection means you can't be friends with everyone.

Self Protection means giving my instincts the respect they deserve. Self Protection is networking. Self Protection is facing fear proactively. Self Protection is understanding who profits off of me. Self Protection is seeking alternatives.

Self Protection is joyously exploring my potential. Self Protection is refusing to pay money to see women be marginalized. Self Protection is actively communicating with my love, not just reading about communication in Cosmo. Self Protection is recognizing that I need different flavors of love from different flavors of humans.

It felt good to read this--I came home to myself.

What does your Womanifesto say, darlings?

Don't have one?

Today is the day, dearest. :)


Barbara/myth maker said...

What a great womanifesto... you really delved into it. I would certainly have to think a lot on what my ...festo would be!

Shell said...

Your Womanifesto rocks, my friend. I have guiding principles I live by, never wrote a womanifesto. Something to think on see what bubbles up for me.


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