Studio Tinkering: Nest Feathering

Hello Cherrubs!* HerSpeak HQ is in full on purge-shat-that-sucks-energy mode! In the midst of the furniture shift there have been some hand made additions-- peep it!

A new watercolor for my foyer--totally worth the giggles.
I think I'll make one for my grandma. :)

This little flock of rainbow felt birds have migrated and become a mobile!

I am addicted to art journaling: Lately I've been integrating
some of my digital work into my goddess art book.
My number one favorite part of being out of art school--
I can use as much glitter as I damn well please!

What have you been up to, kittens?


Suzie Ridler said...

That makes me giggle too and you are such a brilliant artist! Love it.

kijjet said...

OK, that first image is just plain awesome! LOL


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