MINX MIX TAPE: Volume #4

Hello Birdies! Welcome to Minx Mix Tape: a weekly all girl digital dance party in celebration of babes kicking out SERIOUS jams! Let's get to the tunes!

We'll start things off hard and fast with The Soviettes!
This is straight up machine gune rock and roll--does what
it needs to do in under two minutes, thank you ma'am!

Then, we'll cool it down with some bleep-bloop-British
electropop by La Roux. This entire record is great: like
pouring neon greed bubble tea over the yamaha keyboard
we all had as kids. Click the pic to see the video!

Then the Grand Ole Party slips in with an arty blues
infusion! The band fell apart in 2009, but lead singer/drummer
Kristen Gundred has a new project kicking...but that's a post
for next week!

And finally, some ear candy from The Clicks! This is what
I imagine the Beatles would sound like after a few beers,
an old fashioned slumber party and a pair of balls! This track
is catchy--sticky like gum on your sneaks! You WILL be singing
this song in the shower...

Thanks for being part of the party! Got a song you want on the tape? Leave a link in the comments!

1 comment:

Shell said...

Loved the new roundup. Especially
Kristen Gundred. Her voice is really good.


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