MINX MIX TAPE: Volume #3

Hello Pudding Pops! It's Minx Mix Tape time--our very own all girl digital dance party. This weeks tape features killer live performances. Let's Kick out the Jams!

First, we have a stunning soulful performance from Adele.
Her voice makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up
and do a little dance.

Next, we have Sleater-Kinney performing a track from
their last record, The Woods. Unfortunately the group
has since disbanded, but we're keeping our fingers crossed
for a reunion. :)

Now for a little Danish psychobilly from the Horror Pops.
Patricia Day is smokin' on the bright white upright! She's an
amazing mix of "Barbie" and "Bite Yer Face Off."

And Finally, we wrap up with supergroup The Dead Weather.
This band has several Top Notch official videos, but I chose
this particular cut because it showcases Alison Mosshart's raw sound.

Thanks for being part of the party! Got a girl song you want to hear? Leave a link in the comments!


Suzie Ridler said...

God, I LOVE these posts! Thank you so much Molly and loved all of these fantastic kick-ass women. The Dead Weather especially. Dang.

Her Speak said...

Glad I can help, Suzie-Q! ;) I'm having a blast putting them together. I want to have guest bloggers *wink wink* post their own mix tapes--share the love!

Shell said...

As always, love hearing your music choices. Keep it coming, Miss Molly.


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