MINX MIX TAPE: Volume #2

Hello Rosehips!* Welcome to Minx Mix Tape--an all-girl digital dance party that highlights great lady musicians making kick ass music for the masses. Lets get to the goodies!

We'll kick it off with The Creepshow playing Take My Hand
This band is all vampire, zombie, blood and guts good times!

Next, we've got the Yeah Yeah Yeahs with Heads Will Roll.
Some fans weren't pleased with their departure from artrock
into dance music--but artists gotta grow! Even with the shift in
sound there is still the same strong creative direction at the
gooey cherry center. :)

To lighten things up a bit we have, Bjork with Who Is It.
I love that she uses her WHOLE voice--utilizing it more
like an instrument to make sounds that support the song
content as opposed to simply singing words. Plus, her
performances and videos are at least 3 kinds of wacky.

Finally, we finish up with a fun song, I Was Right by
New Years Day
. This band is reminiscent of Taking
Back Sunday with heavy guitar and melody driven pop rock.

Thanks for coming to the party! Got a girl song you want to hear? Add it to the tape by leaving a link in the comments. :)

1 comment:

Shell said...

I'm enjoying this. Get a chance to listen to bands I'm not familiar with. Keep it up, Molly.


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