MEOW MEOW! : Get Back To Your Bast

Hello Cupcakes! I was inspired to make this Bast journal entry after a strange cat-nap dream. It was perfect since I've been feeling sort of feline lately: moody, stretching and yawning. Bast, the Egyptian cat goddess, is the embodiment of independence, gracefulness and ferocity. Want to tap into your Bast abilities?

[1] Stretch out on the sofa and nap in the sun until you're damn well ready to wake up, and then demand someone feed you. Immediately.

[2] Cat eyes are the war paint of the smitten kitten world. Never worn them? Check out this tutorial.

[3] Bast was a warrior queen and fierce protectress. Defend what is yours! Your time, your energy, and your passions and your snacks are all valuable--safeguard them. Pull out the claws!

[4] Kitties are washing themselves in polite company constantly--take a bubble bath with the window open. :)

[5] Cats and Queens don't come when they are called--they come when they're good and ready. Don't feel like answering the phone? Don't feel like wasting makeup on people that bum you out and bring you down? Don't feel like entertaining conversation that grinds your gears? Time to exercise the classic Cat Snub!

[6] Not getting the attention you deserve at work and home? Start the conversation by knocking everything off the counter. Or try the direct approach and start ripping up newspapers and sitting on laps. Impressions are important.

How do you get in touch with your kitten sensibilities?

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