Beauty is FREE*dom

Beauty: doesn't cost anything. It's for the taking in. You are both the vessel and the casual observer. It is everything we need. It gives us hope- helps us to carry on, makes us believe in anything, rattles us. Breathing is merely a way to experience more of it. I will see, hear, touch, taste more of it, won't I? Won't we? People can tell you they know what it should be, the skeleton it should take on and how many payments it takes to achieve--but you know what it is. It is joy. It is unbearable sorrow when it leaves. It is the only thing that adds up. It is fleeting, breaking. It's all yours. It's your dirtily perfect secret to keep or share. Beauty is Free*dom.

1 comment:

Suzie Ridler said...

Beautiful and so true! Nothing more important than freedom. Damn straight!


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