Wait, You're My Spirit Guide? : It Gets Stranger

Hello Cupcakes!* I had a truly amazing dream scape recently: I dreamed about my Sacred Space. Your Sacred Space is the place you stow away to and recharge--the place you go to gather insight, ask questions and get The Good Stuff. This may be a physical place you visit or a mental space you experience through meditation or dreams. This particular visit was just vivid and strange enough to warrant an art journal entry!

I pushed away the curtain to see Tom Waits at the bottom of tall and narrow set of spiral steps.
"Wait. Tom Waits? You're my spirit guide?"

He growls cool-as-pie putting out a cigarette,
"Cool, right? Up ya go, kiddo."

I ascend the steps and come onto a large flat of floating land, roots poking out of the soil below, a bluish fog crawls along smelling of warm dirt. A grove of skinny trees is cut by a path of purple moss that curves off into the distance.

There are no birds. Only a low humming sound.

Joan of Arc steps out of the woods, her cropped hair being blown by wind that touches nothing else.
She hands me a banner affixed to a spear that unfurls to read,


Holy AWESOME DREAM, BATMAN! I woke up feeling jazzed, ready for whatever "VICTORY" means. Let's do this dance!! Tell me kittens, what does your sacred space look like? Sound like? Smell like? Share it!


Barbara/myth maker said...

Tom Waits in your sacred space! You can't beat that!

Shell said...

What awesome encounters in your Sacred Space!!

cpagliei@gmail.com said...

I just found your blog because last night I had a long dream where Tom Waits was my spirit guide.

It was one of the most vivid lucid dreams I've ever had and we went around to different planes collecting talismans.


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