Tingly For Spring : Art In Bloom

Hello Sparrows!* Yesterday I had the distinct pleasure of spending some splendid Big Girl Time with my sister at the Milwaukee Art Museum's Art in Bloom. If there is anything that will get you tingly for spring, it's sprawling galleries full of fresh flower sculptures! The smell alone was worth admission. Each designer chose a painting to interpret with flowers: texture, composition and pallet were all considered with roses, peonies and squiggly willow branches.

The piece pictured here was inspired by a Georgia O'Keefe work--I thought that with it's fleshy color pallet, funky addition of feathers and the meandering cala lilies, it could have been living at the bottom of the sea or wandering about in the strangest of woods.

This exhibition was just the kick in the pants I need to get rolling on my next series of works: I can't wait to show you!

What is inspiring you this weekend?

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Barbara/myth maker said...

What a wonderful design. Inspiring in itself. Looking forward to seeing what comes next.


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