Sweat Lodge Confessions: If you Need a Moment, Steal It

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Hello Muffins!* Last week I was scared shitless. My band was supposed to perform at a well publicized show in less than 48 hours and it was a Worst Case Scenario: Laryngitis. Full blown loss of voice. All I could do was make mousy wheezy sounds. I panicked. At least if I had broken both of my legs I could still get up and sing. We had been boot camp rehearsing for weeks night after night--I felt helpless.

So now what?

After a little research I discovered that Laryngitis can't be cured with drugs. It requires rest. So I took a Vow of Quiet. I turned my apartment into a sweat lodge--boiling lavender water until the windows fogged, letting the steam relax my throat while gargling gallons of saline solution and zinc lozenges. I spoke as little as possible to rest my voice.

For those two days I remained quiet and I began to notice an interesting transformation: the sounds in my building became more acute, the tension in my shoulders dropped, sleep came easily, my steps became lighter and was suddenly more aware and relaxed than I had been in weeks.

There was medicine in the quiet.

So I write this for all of you who need a moment to recharge, a moment to heal.
Steal a moment to be still. :)
Where do you go or what do you do to find the quiet?


kijjet said...

This is such an interesting idea! Sorry you had to do it out necessity but what an interesting thing you stumbled upon. I'm tempted to take a 2 day vow of silence or something over the summer (when the step-kiddos are gone, cuz silence doesn't work when they are here, LOL). I bet it would be very rejuvenating, to just be still and quiet and take the world in. If I don't remember to do this, you should remind me in a few months. Hehe.

Shell said...

Happy you listen to yourself and took the time you needed to get better.
When I need rest these days, I go to my special Grove.
I watch the commentaries on movies I love, another way to enjoy the films in a different way.
I sit in my living room at night. Look out at the night sky and get quiet.
It all helps.

Jeanne said...

I spend time with my horse just "being" rather than "doing".

Others look at me funny--why have a horse if you aren't going to ride it or do something with it? I do all that, but there is value in Quiet Time with your horse that makes more of a difference in your relationship than any level of training.

Re: Laryngitis--rest IS of course the most important thing, as is making sure you're properly warmed up before singing and that you're singing correctly. When hoarseness happens, if you can track down some loose Agrimony leaves, brew a tea and drink or gargle it, warm or cold. Either way works.

When I was in a band back in the 80s, I drank it religiously. It soothes the pain, eases the hoarseness and allows you to sing through it during those times when you can't rest.

Funny how this comment is about horses and hoarseness.

Barbara/myth maker said...

Love that you turned the house into a "sweat lodge"... very soothing. How's the voice? Good I hope.
Me, I'm always quiet, it seems. Could use a little lively!


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