Living ARTfully: Living artFULLY

Hello Tulips!* I have decided that this year there will be no spring cleaning--there will be Spring Sprucing. The dust on my baseboards has a right to exist. I am taking the time instead to make beautification adjustments around the apartment. Here's a peak at the projects that happened at HerSpeak this week:

[*] Hand painted wall paper

[*] Map hearts for my schweet heart

[*] Painted motivational poster for the studio

[*] First adventure in stuffed animal making! All bedrooms need monsters: his name is Iggy.

I showed you mine--now show me yours! What have you been making this week?


kijjet said...

That painted wall paper is amazing!! How'd you do it? Did it come with the tree trunks or did you paint those too??

Very fun spring projects to get a sneak peek at!

Barbara/myth maker said...

Love that handpainted wallpaper... I take it you used it as shades for the windows? Very nice!

WrightStuff said...

I've been making plenty of mess too :)

Shell said...

You have a lot of cool beauty you are working on. Great to see!!


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