HerSpeak Presents: MINX MIX TAPE!

Hello Kittens!* I am excited to bring you the very first Minx Mix Tape! Each week I'll be posting our very own all-girl digital dance party highlighting female musicians making killer contributions. Some old, some new, all awesome. Lets do it!

First Up, Kelis with "Acapella".
I've had this video on the brain all day--all feathers and face paint for the go-go goddess.

Next up, Miss Derringer with "Click Click, Bang Bang".
Her songs make me wanna rob banks!

And Finally, The Gossip with "Pop Goes The World".
Beth Ditto is God--She's a lazer powerd Cyndi Lauper sent to save us with funk.

Got girl songs you want to hear? Throw it on the tape- Post a link in the comments!


Suzie Ridler said...

Fantastic! LOVE them all! Thank you my friend, I needed a dose of kick-ass female musicians. :)

Shell said...

A great new series, Molly. Kelis' Acapella is one of my favorite videos. Stunning. Beth Ditto, wow, that voice. Great choices. Looking forward to next week.


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