[Kali: Riot Girl Goddess] Kill It if It's Killing You Top 5

Hello Puddings!* In preparation for a new wave of exhibitions, collective projects, and a debut performance I am finding myself looking for ways to wake up my Inner Kali. One of my favorites, the fierce sword wielding Kali is the Hindu goddess of eternal energy, destruction and bliss. (Interesting.) She's often depicted with radiant blue skin, wild hair and a necklace of human skulls. (Metal!!) I call on her to help me get up, get out and kick ass! Here are my favorite ways to get in touch with Kali:

[1] Cut things away. Literally. I feel like an Amazon after a hair cut that's been souped up with wicked color! There is something powerful about looking in the mirror and saying, "I look as Bad Ass as I feel!" Or prune out email subscriptions, clear junk out of your desk and say "NO!" as many times as you like. Repeat. :)

[2] Make a List. And Destroy it! Okay, so making a list isn't exciting. But having a firm grip on everything you have to tackle and then kicking that lists carcass one item at a time with a fatty permanent marker sure is.

[3] Get Gross.
Kali is about tough love! To get ready for "battle", I like to work out or engage in some intense yoga. Want to feel instantly like a cosmic rock star? Try the warrior pose.

[4] Kill it if it's Killing You. Kali is a destroyer of all kinds, and destruction ultimately leads to room for new things to grow. If there is someone (Leach, Meanie, or Debbie Downer) or something (Unfulfilling fluff, Time Wasting Tasks, Emotional Burden) that is shamelessly sucking your energy and distracting you: Cut it off and Kiss it Goodbye! There's a good chance it's going to smart a bit, but just like a rose bush that is being pruned, sometimes we have to expose the wick to blossom into the truly bodacious and resilient rose. (Enough of the flower stuff. Back to the Metal!)

[5] Finish it! Whatever it is: laundry, novel, resume, painting project--Just finish it. Do it. Then, stand on top of it, stick your tongue out and scream like a she banshee declaring Victory!

Do it where people can see you.

How do you acknowledge your Cosmic Queen of Kick Ass?


Arty Em, Creativity Traveler said...

channeling her power will creatie awesomeness in your work - I know for a fact!!!!!
thanks for stopping in at my blog.....Goddess Power!

Shell said...

Awesome way to use Goddess Kali power, especially with the waning moon increasing.

kijjet said...

Yay for getting in touch with Kali. It's so true too, destruction leads to new creation. Great post with simple ways to bring Kali into your life! :)


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