GrATTITUDE: How F***ing Rad is That?!

Hello Kittens!* Watching the tragedy unfold in the news over the last few weeks has given all of us a lot to think about. What happens when everything you love goes away? Are any of us ever really safe? If any iota of goodness has come from this immense suffering, it is that Loss makes us think of all the amazing things we DO have--how insanely blessed we are to live in this time with the people we know. In this moment, in this dimension, I am grateful that:

I have so much clean water running through the pipes I don't even know what to do with all of it. It even comes out at the speed and temperature I prefer! And if I'm tired of that endless smorgasbord of clean beautiful water, I can go buy it in a tidy little plastic bottle.

I've got a magical little pink box that holds every song I could ever remember so I can choose an appropriate soundtrack for "walking home in the rain" or "Waiting for the bus on a Saturday".

I have ANOTHER magical box (also pink) that lets me send little messages through the air to the people I care about day in and day out with NO effort on my part.

I can get strawberries ANYTIME I want--doesn't matter if it's the dead of winter in the Midwest. I can drink coffee anytime I want even though I've never seen a coffee tree!

I can write or shout any garbage I want and not be sent to prison or dissapear.

I have animals that live in my house that want to sleep on or near my face.

I have such a blessed life that I have time to consider "boredom", "relaxation" and "fun".

I have a closet full of clean clothes--and a mountain of dirty clothes-- that all I'd have to do is stick 4 quarters in a machine and it MAGICALLY WASHES it and makes it smell like a meadow of lavender unicorns! I don't have to beat out my jeans on rocks.

I have the luxury of getting pissed that the magic travel machine in front of me is not going as fast as I'd like my magic travel machine to be moving-- to get me to a consistent, safe money making opportunity.

I can read, and write, and vote, and see films, and make paintings, and sweep floors, and stay in, and play guitar, and wear stupid hats and go to the library. All without the crushing imminent fear of violence.

I have a neat little fort for my Muffin and I to hold on to all the stuff we like, from which I am comfortably enjoying the sounds of a spring thunderstorm.

I have yet ANOTHER magical box that lets me connect with all of you no matter what end of the globe you're on. Instantly. How rad is that?!

Now Cherubs, What are you grateful for at this very moment?

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Shell said...

I'm grateful that I have great boyfriend, friends and mom who are there for me.
Even when I only have two dollars to rub together, I think of something to eat as opposed to not having any money at all.


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