Stuff That's Totally Doin' It For Me

Hello Starlings!*
This is what's tripping my trigger as of 5:19 PM today. [1] A brimming bowl of candy on my landing strip. [2] Silly pink hand painted postcard. [3] Fresh fleurs pinking up my coffee table. [4] A surprise load of neatly folded laundry on my vanity compliments of my Muffin! [5] Pretending I'm waging squirtgun wars in a post apocalyptic wasteland while listening to the new My Chemical Romance record, "Danger Days" on my walk home from work. [6] The star stickers I collaged onto my rAiNbOw toe polish!

I wanna know: What's doin' it for you right now?


Anna said...

I'm currently sipping port and nibbling on chocolate chip cookies while listening to 1960s Bob Dylan. Totally doing it for me today. :)

Suzie Ridler said...

I was wondering if you liked the lighter My Chemical Romance album? After their last one it is weird that they have gone all happy happy, joy joy on us.

We are getting a huge rainstorm today on top of feet of snow which is bringing on a headache but at least the temperature is rising. Until we get a massive snowstorm in a few days. Hubby fixed the mixer (he is my hero in so many ways) so I'm thinking of making bread today. That always cheers me up!

Shell said...

Glitter makeup!!!


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