Oracle Update: Spring Spacemaking

Hello Sparrows!* Even though it's been snowing by the foot here I've had my brains on spring--spring cleaning and space making, thus the latest installment of my oracle deck. I came across a great blog: Make Under Your Life. The author challenges readers to get rid of 50 things that clutter their lives. "50 things huh?...sounds like a lot," I thought. I adamantly believe our physical spaces reflect our inner spaces: that excessive junk distracts us, drags us down and takes valuable time away from MAKING. 50 things? Let's do it! My criteria for pitching energy sucking clutter was simple: Do I use this regularly? Does it bring me joy? If the answer was "no" it was pitched.

Some of the stuff that didn't make the cut: empty tampon boxes, fried out flats, candy tins, burned out bras, hoodies, flat bottles of soda, ancient take out boxes, and outdated catalogs. All 50 things were sorted into trash bags or donated to Good Will. Don't worry, the Kitty made the cut. :) All that room to B R E A T H E! And so easy! Are you thinking spring yet? What 50 things can you do without?


Professor Chaos said...

I admire you. I'm not sure I could do it. I'm not sure my wife would let me!

Yvonne said...

So cool you did this!
It's march now, Spring is coming. I'm cleaning up the messes from a stressful and tiring winter, too.


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