Juice, Man: This Is Serious Business

Hello Chickadees!*
I've had a whirling flock of idea-birds roosting in my brain these days: thoughts about the lives of girls, thoughts about Art, thoughts about Music, thoughts about Feminism, thoughts about my friends: About body paint and Patti Smith and xerox zines. And when the feathers settle there is one thought, one passionate hot pink thought that rises to the surface:

It is of utmost importance for women
to have a rich creative inner life.

Why? Why does it matter? It matters because your creative juices are what your life is steeped in. Your creative juices determine how your life is digested. The Art of Who You Are is empowering. It is a place of focus-- a place where your confidence blooms-- a place where you try on masks and become a multidimensional being of the super nova!

Politically speaking, the beauty that you make is not a "consumable" like paper plates and night creams that other people eat up and throw away. It is your domain. It is a place of power where you say what you need to say without permission.

It is a place where you are always pretty enough and strong enough. It's important because your creative juice is something that no one can take from you, but sadly we often choose to sacrifice it believing we must abandon it to be a better mother, worker bee, or partner--to be an all-accomplishing-to-do-list-abolishing Wonder Woman. It's a trap--It's not True! To be the best Queen of the Castle, the great Glass Ceiling Smasher and Rock-Yer-Socks-Off-Orbit-Altering-Lover you need your JUICE. You can't be any of those things, much less anything to anyone if your inspired and imaginative self is the pallid ghost of a malnourished muse.

Women say to me all the time, "But, I'm not an artist/creative/clever/good as you..." Bullshittery! Art is not about paint. Or Journals. Or Haircuts. Art is about doing whatever you want WHEN you WANT. Get Up The Guts and Make Stuff!

My wish for all of my ladies in the blogosphere and the 3rd dimension make the moment to make art from the heART: in your studios, in your kitchens, in your boardrooms, in your tree houses and in your classrooms. Your health, sanity and the fate of the planet are at stake! *Pass this on to a cutie that needs a fortified creative smoothie!*

What are your thoughts?

Until Next Time,
Much Joy and Merry Making!

1 comment:

Shell said...

I am jumping up and down in agreement!! That's one of the reason I made my word of the year: creative.
I can dive into my creativity more and spread out into the world with full and total glee and freedom.


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