Humans 101: Healing: This Isn't In The Handbook

Hello Pumpkins*
I'm veering today--this is not the usual artsy fartsy post--but I feel compelled to write. It's rant time: Batten down the hatches and bear with me. I am truly disturbed by what I am seeing in the days after the Tuscon tragedy. Stunned. Mostly by the inane chatter of Facebook. I keep reading chain statuses--reposts of posts of posts of posts that lack compassion, tact or any other semblance of human feelings.

I am urging you, fellow Facebook friends, to be gentle. To think with your own brain. To speak with your own mouth and not rely on the cruel and cynical garbage that others have concocted for you to spread about like some sort of hate-herpes. It is clear that the people writing or reposting have never experienced a serious loss in their life, or known a victim of violence, or suffered the crushing loss of a child--and by Goddess grace may they never have to. The world does not need more snarky passive aggressive dribble. The world needs more Healing. We're always talking about how rad humans are, lets start acting like them.

I realize that the beautiful souls who belong to this blog community are empathetic understanding creatures who don't participate in that sort of vulgar behavior, but seek joyful, creative, purposeful lives--and don't need to be lectured. But a girl's gotta vent. Thank You. :)

In my meditation practice I am trying to invoke Peace--a stillness, a place for healing, a place for listening. And as a naive/borderline batshit person who believes that we can live in goodness, I encourage all of you, whether through practice, ritual, prayer, lightwork or daydream to put Peace out into the world.

Think Peace. Be Peace.
Much Love,


jennlui said...

well i haven't been really keeping current with the world, i'm not even on facebook anymore, but as i have been peaking back into blogland and starting to emerge from my hermit ways i am happy to see this post molly! this world certainly does need more peace and healing, and it's awesome to have people voice it!

peace and love

Shades of Scorpio said...

Very nicely said!!


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