New Work, New Events, New Friends!

*Hello Gumdrops! It has been approximately a berziollion years since I've blogged--I've been busy. Real busy. In the best way. :) In a mere five weeks I will graduate as a Big Bad Fine Artist and I've been writing thesis lectures and preparing for my exhibition as well as a few other exciting things. I'm so excited to share it with you! Here's the spark notes recap:

Morrigan 30 x 40 inches oil on canvas

Morrigan II 40 x 90 inches charcoal on gessoed board

Eater 40 x 30 inches oil on canvas

She Ruined Them One by One 80 x 60 inches
in progress charcoal on gessoed board

These are a few images from my latest series of destroyer goddess works titled, Attained at The End of Desire. I feel like I've really hit a turning point in my painting--and drawing for that matter. Drawing and I never seemed to get along but after much arm wrestling we figured out how to make it work. :) Click 'em for a larger view.

Joe and I painting set pieces--working REALLY hard...

This Halloween, Drippy Lip Productions helped our friends Beewitchingbee Magical Supply throw their Third Annual Season of the Witch Extravaganza! This was such a fun project--cool people, a good team and an awesome turn out. We can't wait for next year! You can check out the super cute stop motion movie we made for the event here!

Near the beginning of fall, it felt like the right time--so I rounded up my best lady friends and we coordinated our very first Women's Circle. How incredible. It was a beautiful evening of REAL conversation, healing and of course--snacks. Our next meeting is next week! We're going to try our hands at a releasing ritual. :)

And when I'm not at work or school I've been down in the studio with my band, Onward Rex Goliath, making a record! This process has been amazing. Writing collaboratively with the group and experimenting with recording has opened creative flood gates. Rock and roll, kids!

Aaaand when I'm not working, schooling, making or recording I'm helping my bestest girlfriend in the Universe, Kelly, get married!! She and her soon-to-be-hubby are getting hitched in 2 weeks and this maid of honor can't...freakin....wait. I threw her a sugar coated midsummer Mad Tea bridal shower--if you want to take a peek. :)

Now--I'm dieing to know, kittens. What have you been up to?

Until next time--which I promise will be soon--
Much Joy and Merry Making!

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Shell said...

Wow, it has been a while. Glad you are blooming with all these creativity projects. Those drawings are truly Dark Goddess with power. Love it.


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