Everything is New: Womens Circle Bon Fire

Hello Sparrows!* Story Time...
Recently our women's circle gathered in my mum's backyard under a full moon for our First Annual Fire Ritual. We bundled up and walked down the hill where were greeted by an impressive funeral pyre--we had things to let go of.

We huddled together and were covered in purple sage smoke. All of us brought items to cast into the fire: years of journals, letters that were never sent, messy paperwork, regrets, hurt, burdens and napkins jotted with fears. In turn we each offered them to the fire with relief and tears. We were proud of each other--proud that we could be naked like this, be honest. We asked that our sicknesses and worries be lifted from us and that the holes in our souls be filled with the warmth of our pits' hot amber sparks and strength.

Then we offered thanks, gratitude for all the incredible gifts we experience by throwing a sweet handful of lavender into the flame. Thank you Universe for our families, our food, our resources, good drink, our bedsheets and friendships. We prayed to Great Spirit that we'd ride a kinder gentler vibration and Trust in the Way of Things, that goodness would find us.

We stood together, our faces a-glow, casting long blue moon shadows and let out a wild Howl.

We left the smoldering fire cracking in the yard to pop open bottles of wine. We celebrated because we knew we had each other. We celebrated because we knew we could heal. We celebrated because we know that everything is going to be alright.

Until Next Time~
Much Joy and Merry Making!


Shell said...

Molly, that sounds like you had an awesome and freeing full moon ritual. Isn't it wonderful to be around others of like minds.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

There's nothing better than a big fire! Oh dear, that makes me sound like an arsonist.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Oh, and P.S., I'm mailing out my Winter Solstice Singalong booklet but I can't tell from the comment you left on my blog whether you want one or not. If you do, I will need a postal mailing address to send it to (it doesn't exist as an electronic file so I can't just email it.) If you'd like a copy to share with your Circle, just leave me your postal address on my comments (I won't publish it).


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