Goddess Books + Cowboy Muse

Hello Cherubs!*
Summer is here in Milwaukee: dogs licking sidewalks, steel guitars steeling, burn outs drinking tea in the street, honeysuckles in full bloom and bits of cotton fluff navigating about. Here's a peek at what's been buzzing in HerSpeak's summer Headquarters!

Flea market score! Picked up this super nifty pile of saint pendants while getting in some quality Lady Time with my mum, big sis and grandma. What treasure! I can't wait to sew them on to everything in my apartment...

Writing, writing, Writing! Writing songs and summer adventure chronicles. I've also been chewing up books like they're on sale at Ikea. I figure if I want to write good stuff, I gotta read good stuff. Holy moly, does it feel amazing to get back into the habit of penning! I'm taking it slow, thinking about it as if I'm training for a marathon--got to stretch and start with little steps so you don't turn into a wheezing sweaty pile and get discouraged. Right now, the ritual feels brilliant, hopefully the Cowboy Angel Muse will follow. :)

And making Books! This is the final bound product from an art journaling course I participated in this past semester. Here are a few images from the compilation:

What sort of shenanigans have you been up to on these long summer afternoons?

Until Next Time--
Much Joy and Merry Making!


Shell said...

Your art journal is lovely. I'm digging your saint pendants.
I am doing good and this weekend having a rummage sale in my home. Creating extra money for the start of summer.

Julie Lynn Ivens said...

gorgeous art journal! love it! :)

Cellar Door said...

Dogs are licking sidewalks here {San Fran}, too! lol Your journal book compilations are stupendous!

Cellar Door, who is just getting started at ihopetheyhavepudding.blogspot.com/

Mad Men Girl said...

Well, you asked about our shenanigans, and here's mine:

I have entered a contest to win a walk-on role on the retro-licious show "Mad Men".

If you would take two seconds to vote for me, I would really appreciate it. Just go to my blog, or use this link to go straight to my photo page.


Blessed be!


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