I'm Not Dead!

Hello Chickadees!*
I'm not dead! (Yet.) Just in the throes of finals and moving! Here's a peek at what sort of questionable activities have been shakin' at HerSpeak:


I know I'm late--shame on me. For this Moon cycle I'm wishing for Levity: some lightness, some whimsy, some relief and some moon-wing shoes to put some bounce in my step.
I can't wait to peruse all of your moon creations!


I've spent the last two weeks doing a major purge of the apartment. Time to let go of garbage and Baggage. Here's Mr. Milo helping me hold down the clutter fort while I sort.

I had a giant Give-Away last weekend--super fun! All of my friends and neighbors came by to look for treasures and cleared me out of StUfF I didn't need any longer. We had a killer turn out--they were like vultures. One big happy apartment clutter puke. :D

Making Stuff:

Here are a few in-progress pieces I've been working on in the last few weeks:

A self portrait was inspired by Mayan priestess pottery paintings...

Still a LOT of work left to go on this piece. The face needs to be finished and then one big juicy blue glaze over the top to push and flatten the whole image.

I just finished this piece--and while the paint was still wet my professor hung it in the display case before I got to document it. So, you can see my reflection while I try to catch a shotty photo through the glass like a cat burglar...

I just started laying paint down for this 'Creatrix' piece on Wednesday. I'm working larger these days and looking at a lot of Mayan ritual imagery for inspiration. The headdresses and body modification are amazing! I'm letting it spill over into my art journaling as well...

So tomorrow is the big day! We're packin' this party up and moving downtown.
Gypsy caravan...yehaw!

Until Next Time--
Merry Belated Full Moon and Many Blissings!


Barbara/myth maker said...

Wow, all your creations are so beautiful! Good luck with the move!

Shannon said...

That second painting (the blue-ish one) - freaking amazing! I love it so much!

Shell said...

Mr. Milo is adorable.
Having a Give-away party is a great way to lighten the load, I love that idea.
I'm feeling all your mayan paintings. I've recently been into the Mayan Goddess Ixchel..so it resonates with me deeply.
Happy Full Moon and Beltane.

Dia said...

Rich rich rich!! Plush & lush -
How fun your give away party sounds! & a move - delightful - be well & oh, so happy!!

jennlui said...

oh my! your paintings are truly stunning! LOVE the mayan imagery, inspiring! i also much love the costuming for their rituals and body modification... interesting to say the least!

good luck with the move, may it be quick and smoooooth!!!

Nellie said...

hi, love the blog, it's beautiful - what gorgeous art work you make! ^_^
I've nominated you for an award on my blog, hope you feel like joining in!

Good luck with the move,
Nellie x

Dream With the Fishes said...

Wow, gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous portraits!! Long time no see, girl. How's things? How's your new apartment and all? Sending good wishes and luv! xoxo Serena

Tery said...

You are amazing! Simply amazing!


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